Feature Flick: P4/5 Competizione — The Story Continues

The latest video from Jim Glickenhaus and his team behind the P4/5 Competitizone is a veritable feast for a Ferrari-lover’s eyes. The second installment of the behind-the-scenes documentary of how the Competizione came to be looks into the ideas behind and the unexpected media frenzy that has surrounded the car.

Interestingly, though, Glickenhaus tells us that public fanfare and hype was not the intention behind the car’s inception. Instead, he simply just wanted to go racing. The car is based on a modified version of Ferrari’s F430 Scuderia, with the V-8 engine and drivetrainfrom the F430 GT2 ALMS race car, although it’s bodywork is patterned after the custom-built P4/5, which rides atop Enzo mechanicals.

In the first half of the video, we see Glickenhaus and a number of the prestigious classic Ferraris from his collection, tracing back the linage of the P4/5. Around the six-minute mark, we change and see the P4/5 Competitizone in various states of completion, giving us a great look at the car’s subframe, components, and build process. Though the video below is over 10 minutes long, it is worth a watch to learn about the ideas and process that went into the car, and the excitement that came out of it.

Source: YouTube

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