Feature Flick: Nissan Takes Not-So-Subtle Jab at Volt in New Ad

It seems like kilowatts are the new horsepower, and not just in Europe anymore. Nissan’s latest ad spot for its new green icon takes a not-so-subtle jab at the Chevrolet Volt and its on-board gasoline generator. The two companies have been taking verbal barbs at each other for the better part of a year, and this latest spot shows the companies intend to keep the green war going.

Nissan is about to launch its new ad campaign featuring a series of humorous spots for the fully electric Leaf, asking “What if everything ran on gas?” This funny yet poignant 60-second spot lets you envision what everyday situations would be like if everything ran on gas,  and gives a whole new perspective on everything electric.

The spot opens with a man waking up to an alarm clock spewing exhaust, and then heading to the kitchen to crank start the coffee machine. He makes his way to the office while talking on his gasoline-powered cell phone, and when he arrives, starts his computer by turning a key in the modem’s ignition and stepping on a gas pedal. The day at the office gets even funnier when IT (turned mechanic) begins to repair the printer by checking its oil, and the water cooler turns into a gasoline pump.

Later, the same man is then shown at the gas station, pumping gas into his  Chevrolet Volt, while he yearningly stares at another man unplug and climb into his Leaf.

The full 60-second ad will make its world television debut during the NBA finals on June 12, with shorter teasers debuting before.

What do you think? Is Nissan’s latest spot is too hard on Chevy’s extended-range plug-in, or fair game?

Source: Youtube


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