Feature Flick: Nissan Says Juke is Built To Thrill in UK

Nissan UK attempts to generate more excitement for the funky Juke crossover in this Feature Flick. The TV spot shows the thrilling but improbable construction of the Nissan Juke as it’s “built to thrill.”

A man strapped to a seat jumps out of an airplane, landing mid-air in the Juke’s chassis. Skydivers in orange and white jumpsuits install structural and mechanical bits before deploying the parachutes. The Juke and its pilot then land on a giant stunt ramp where a team of assemblers on motocross bikes adds interior and body panels before the Juke reaches the next ramp. When the Juke comes down, it ends up under water, where a team of scuba divers apply the finishing touches before it enters a tunnel ready to tackle the streets.

Does this British commercial convince you that the turbocharged Juke was built to thrill? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Click here for video

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