Feature Flick: MT Ignition Takes a Look at the Lexus LFA’s Launch Control System

The Motor Trend crew producing the Ignition episodes on YouTube has had plenty of bloopers and outtakes. On this week’s episode, associate road test editor Carlos Lago shows you how the Lexus LFA’s complicated launch control system works, and shows some of the outtakes and bloopers from the last 15 episodes.

Lago starts this Ignition behind the wheel of a Lexus LFA reading the nine-step procedure for using its launch control system that includes selecting sport mode, increasing the shift harshness, and flicking the paddle shifters in a certain order for a specific amount of time. Engaging launch control in the LFA essentially is the automotive equivalent to entering in the ‘unlimited ammo’ cheat in Grand Theft Auto.

It’s not all serious business though. This week’s episode also collects many bloopers and outtakes like spinning out a Hyundai Genesis Coupe, doing donuts in Motor Trend’s long-term Nissan NV2500 van, and Lago trying his best Sesame Street impressions.

Check out the latest episode of Ignition for yourself below, and hang in for the teaser of what’s coming up in the next couple weeks.

Click here for video

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