Feature Flick: Mini’s John Cooper Works Countryman Just Wants to Fly

The Mini Cooper S Countryman really is no slouch, but that didn’t stop the engineers at Mini from going all out and delivering an even quicker John Cooper Works model. Today’s Feature Flick features a JCW Countryman doing what it does best: driving very quickly and playing host for a couple of people doing extreme sports.

The JCW Countryman–and video–in question show just what happens when you combine a winch, a crazy flying-squirrel suit, a canyon, and 211 horsepower: a low level of flight. We like to think of it as a more advanced, and more extreme, version of Parasailing.

Check out the video belowand let us know what you think of both the 2013 JCW Countryman and the extreme stunt in the comments below.

Source: Mini via YouTube

Click here for video

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