Feature Flick: Making of a Concept Car — The Kia Track’ster

Other than defense contractors and Apple, Inc., few industries are as notorious for their secrecy as automakers. Cars, both production and concept, exist in securely-guarded rooms as virtual computerized renderings, and later as full-size clay models. Even during the testing phase, the cars are often heavily covered-up in bulky or camera-foiling camouflage. But this time, the Motor Trend Channel got unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the making of the Kia Track’ster concept that debuted at the Chicago Auto Show this year.

On the third episode of “The Downshift” the development of the Track’ster is followed from inception as a paper sketch drawing inspiration from motorsports and athletic apparel, to the final, completed car. Once the design was finalized, a quarter-scale model was made, from which dimensional data is gathered for the creation of a full-size clay model. The specs of the full-size model are then captured, and sent to the concept vehicle contractor, which in this case, started with a production Soul as the basis.

The car is then stripped to the bare chassis, as it is totally re-worked from a four-door, five passenger hatch, to a two-door, two-passenger turbocharged track toy.

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