Feature Flick: Lotus-Renault Formula 1 Car Goes Airborne

Though it only just started a few weeks ago, the 2011 Formula 1 season has already had some pretty memorable moments. As this video shows, Lotus-Renault GP driver, Vitaly Petrov, had some bad luck close to the end of the race as he went off the track, ending with him launching his car several feet through the air.

Shot this past Sunday during the Malaysian Grand Prix, this video proves the Russian F1 driver might have a career in rallying ahead of him if he can land more jumps like this. After running wide on a corner, Petrov attempted to slot back into traffic but instead hit an unseen bump—allowing the racecar to achieve some serious airtime. Although the Lotus-Renault looked pretty graceful in the air, the landing wasn’t as pretty, and resulted in a broken steering column among other damage. Without any means of steering the car, Petrov rolled onto the track and then back off again, eventually running into a trackside sign (not seen in this video). Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt.

Having just won his first podium in Australia last month (after driving his entire rookie year in his teammate’s shadow), Petrov’s crash is unfortunate to say the least. However, this video shows that not only can an F1 car survive a jump like this, but it looks way cool doing it.

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