Feature Flick: Lotus Introduces Evora GTE Swizz Beatz Edition

Lotus has big plans for the future. The tiny Hethel, England-based automaker wants the cultural recognition that rivals at Ferrari and Lamborghini get. Part of CEO Dany Bahar’s plan for Lotus’ cultural (and world) domination is Lotus’ collaboration with rapper, record producer, and husband of Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz. Last week Lotus and Swizz Beatz unveiled the first result of their partnership, the Lotus Evora GTE Swizz Beatz Edition.

Amid a swanky gala for friends (like producers Russell Simmons and T.I.) and family in New York’s Meatpacking District, Lotus and Swizz Beatz pulled the wraps off the new Evora GTE Swizz Beatz Edition. Based on the production-intent Evora GTE  shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show this past fall (which was based on the concept shown at Pebble Beach), the Swizz Beatz Edition looks like it adds nothing more to the 420-hp, 4.0-liter V-6-powered Evora than being, “The first chrome color car in the  world,” according to Lotus.

Aside from the red-chrome livery, the Evora GTE Swizz Beatz edition differs from the standard Lotus Evora GTE by the addition of a few “Swizz Beatz” edition stickers and black wheels. Lotus is working on churning out over 100 copies of the Evora GTE for the Chinese market, and is working on homologating the GTE for European and U.S. consumption. Either way, don’t be too surprised if the wild paint job makes it into Lotus showrooms. As Swizz Beatz put it best, “Welcome to the future.”

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Source: YouTube