Feature Flick: Life-Size Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare Stunt a Success

Practically a rite of passage for American boys, Hot Wheels cars have been part of the American toy scene for more than four decades. Many of us probably had a set of the plastic stunt tracks to get our toy cars to do all sorts of cool stunts. Of course, those scale-level stunts could never happen in the real world, right?

Well, fantasy became reality this weekend with professional drivers Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy successfully completing the Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare at this weekend’s X-Games in Los Angeles. Twin 60-foot metal loop tracks were built to facilitate a side-by-side competition between Foust and Tracy. In order to create enough centrifugal force to keep the cars on the track during the stunts, the drivers had to take the loops at 52 mph, which exerted 7 Gs on the drivers.

Tracy took first place, with Foust coming in right behind him. Tracy is a six-time Pike’s Peak champion and a Hollywood stuntman since 1991. Foust, a well-known formula drift driver and co-host of Top Gear USA, will go on to compete in the RallyCross competition at the X Games. Watch the video of the real-life Hot Wheels stunt below.

Source: Hot Wheels

Click here for video

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