Feature Flick: Lexus Teases Super Bowl Ad With 15-Second Preview

The Super Bowl isn’t just about football; it’s about parties, chicken wings, and, of course, commercials. Two deserving football teams are given the chance to shine during the Big Game, but when it comes time for commercial break, car companies — among many others — shell out big money for a spot during the Super Bowl, and for the first time ever this year, Lexus has reserved one of them.

The 15-second teaser below seems to take place inside a design studio, and much like the scene from “Jurassic Park,” things get shaken up as something causes a cup of water to ripple. In one (very strong) final attempt to get out a steel vault, whatever is inside crashes into the door, and judging by the spindle grille shape left on the imprint, it’s the new GS.

The timing couldn’t be better, since the Japanese luxury brand is getting ready to launch the next-generation 2013 GS 350 and its hybrid counterpart, the GS 450h, this spring. The more-aggressively styled GS is the new face of other next-gen Lexus models to come, which is further emphasized in the 15-second teaser below.

Source: YouTube

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