Feature Flick: Land Rover’s LR4 Apparently Doubles as a Confession Booth

Taking a break from the drier, more to-the-point commercials it’s used to making, Land Rover is going for a more comical approach with these three gutsy ads. Called the “You’ll Feel Safe Inside” campaign, these ads revolve around Land Rover LR4 owners who feel uncomfortable saying something to someone else, but suddenly build up the courage once inside their Land Rover. We’re not sure if Land Rover simply forgot to air these during the Super Bowl or if it’s hoping the commercials will go viral online, but these ads show a lighter side of the brand that we’d like to see more of in the future.

The three spots each feature a character that needs to deliver some bad news. From a compulsive liar that has to tell his girlfriend that their whole relationship is a lie, to a crooked cop turned snitch that has to tell his buddies they’ve been ratted out, to an office worker that needs to tell his sword-collecting coworker that he has to get rid of his cherished blades, each person has something they need to get off their chest. Where do they feel safest doing so? Behind the wheel of their Land Rover LR4, naturally. The characters use the cockpit of the LR4 as their own private confessional, feeling comfortable enough to disclose facts that would otherwise be too awkward or incriminating.

The idea behind the ads is simple enough—to take that feeling of safety and present it in the most literal way possible. While Land Rover could have just shot some dramatic slow-motion footage of the LR4’s airbags going off in a crash test and called it a day, we like this approach better. Maybe it doesn’t illustrate all the various safety features of the LR4, but the idea that you’ll feel safe inside one comes across crystal-clear.

Source: YouTube

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