Feature Flick: Lamborghini’s 50th-Anniversary Love Note to…Itself

Lamborghini’s automotive operation turns 50 this year and– like anyone reaching their middle ages–decided to take some time and reflect on its accomplishments. The results aren’t very somber or introspective, however: in true Lamborghini fashion, it’s a 72-second parade of car porn.

The video has all the greats you’d expect: the Miura, Countach, Diablo, Gallardo, and Aventador, all wearing garish shades of paint. Many have crazy colored interiors to match, and few are rocking unpainted carbon fiber trim pieces for extra flash. All, predictably, are driving in a typical Lamborghini fashion: quickly, and with style.The message seems to be this: if Lamborghini needs a mid-life crisis car, it doesn’t even need to leave the Sant’agata Bolognese factory.

The video is the Italian company’s first big move to kick off 50 years of crazy and exciting cars, and it also proudly features the Urus, an SUV that is sure to be profitable enough to keep Lambo going for another 50 years. Cross your fingers.

Source: Lamborghini

Click here for video

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