Feature Flick: Ken Gushi Shows Joey Logano How to Drift a Scion FR-S

The 2013 Scion FR-S is apparently quite easy to drift, so Scion driver Ken Gushi decided to give Toyota NASCAR driver Joey Logano a quick lesson in going sideways. After that, Gushi even gave Logano a brief ride in his wild drift car.

Ken Gushi, you may remember, is the Scion Racing driver who not only previously drifted an FR-S in Japan, but also now competes in Formula Drift with a specially modified Scion FR-S. First, Gushi demonstrated performing tight donuts and sustained slides in a stock Scion FR-S. Then Logano got a chance to emulate his tail-out action, performing so well that Gushi jokes he might have Logano serve as backup driver for Formula Drift events. Finally, it’s on the main event: spewing tire smoke from the wild Scion FR-S drift car.

Of course, we advise any prospective Scion FR-S buyers to remember that Gushi and Logano are professional race drivers who drifted in a closed environment. Trying to copy their performance on your local traffic circle might have different consequences…

You can watch the FR-S drifting demonstration below.

Source: YouTube

Click here for video

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