Feature Flick: Ken Gushi, Formula Drift Scion FR-S Meet the Pavement

For Ken Gushi, eliminating the Scion TC as his Formula Drift car was the end of one chapter, but fortunately, the start of a new and very good one is on the horizon. Gushi will be racing the 2013 Scion FR-S sports coupe, but before the drifting season begins, he gave Super Street magazine a first look at his track-ready FR-S.

Before we get to see Gushi shift into first gear though, the drifter talks about how building the track-ready FR-S wasn’t easy for Scion Racing and GReddy performance, saying they basically started from “ground zero” because they didn’t have any data on the car. As a result, it was only a matter of testing it, breaking it, and starting all over again to get the performance to the desired level. Kenji Sumino, president of GReddy Performance Products, knows a tough road lies ahead, putting the flat-four FR-S up against V-8s in the Formula Drift series.

Gushi isn’t worried— he already feels chemistry with the FR-S since it reminds him of the AE86, the first car he slid around in when he was 13 years old. Gushi believes the Scion FR-S will bring driving back to the sport, and while we expect the FR-S to do great things, Sumino emphasizes there’s still a lot of room for upgrades. Will the FR-S live up to the hype? Find out what Gushi thinks by watching the video below.

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Source: YouTube