Feature Flick: Ken Block Explores Hollywood Studios in Gymkhana Four

DC Shoes shill and rally driver Ken Block has been entertaining Internet audiences with his Gymkhana videos for several years. The latest version of the drift-tastic Gymkhana series debuted online today, and it’s nothing short of… indescribable.

Gymkhana Four was directed by Ben Conrad, whose prior credits include Zombieland and the new 30 Seconds or Less. Filming took five days and was completed at Universal Studios in southern California. As you’d expect from a Block video, the rally-ready Ford Fiesta spends much of its time sideways, with all four tires smoking. Flames shoot out of the exhaust as the engine’s turbo wastegates pop and whine. All excellent eye candy for web-savvy automotive enthusiasts.

But somewhere along the way from his first Gymkhana flick, Block seems to have lost his way. Why, for instance, does Gymkhana Four feature a man dressed as a gorilla riding a Segway? Why must Block drift past the Jaws amusement-park ride and the set of web sensation Epic Meal Time? If it were up to us, the video would be focused solely on Ken Block, the Ford Fiesta drift machine, and dramatic precision driving.

Anyway, judge Ken Block’s latest high-speed, slideways hi-jinks for yourself in the video below.

Source: YouTube

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