Feature Flick: Ken Block Circles A Spiked Wrecking Ball in Gymkhana Six

The sixth iteration of Ken Block's Gymkhana series does not disappoint.

In the latest iteration of the popular Gymkhana series of videos, professional driver, clothing-brand promoter, and all-round crazy person Ken Block delivers yet again. Now the sixth video in the series, Block dazzles with his 2013 Ford Fiesta ST RX43 rally car and jaw-dropping driving ability amidst an entertaining array of obstacles.

Need for Speed and Ken Block put together what they’ve deemed the ultimate Gymkhana grid course, “a real-life playground to showcase the sheer speed, fun, and exhilarating action of driving.” Block is a racing advisor for Need for Speed Rivals, and his staggering course really does look like something out of a video game. As Block drifts sideways in flawless figure-eights under a pair of massive backhoe loaders, we can’t help getting flashes back to old Tony Hawk skating games, which thrived on that same outlandish and extreme flavor.

The construction vehicles, however, barely scratch the surface. Pummeling through the course in a 650-hp, 650 lb-ft, 2013 Ford Fiesta ST RX43 rally car that can reach 60 mph from a dead stop in 1.8 seconds, Block confidently weaves through moving Lamborghini Aventador supercars and around Segways in a puff of tire smoke. Unimpressed by Miley Cyrus’ music video, Block’s humongous wrecking ball is covered in spikes, and his rally car orbits it over and over like a smoldering comet.

We’re most impressed by the interior shots, which show Ken Block completely composed throughout the whole process, and even feature a unique vantage point that moves whenever he yanks on the car’s hydraulic handbrake. Block’s heart rate most likely never elevates anywhere beyond what it would if he were having a dream about sorting through the mail.

Check out the full video below, and we’ll be sure to stay tuned for the next Gymkhana production. Need for Speed and Ken Block have definitely set the bar high.

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