Feature Flick: Jaguar Aurally Delights Us With The 2014 XFR-S

One of the debuts from the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show that we are most excited about is the 2014 Jaguar XFR-S. What’s not to love about a 550-hp, M5- and E63-rivalling sport sedan wrapped in a Jaguar’s seductive bodywork?

The XF was already quite a looker, especially in aggressive XFR form, but Jaguar has upped the look-at-me quotient by increasing the size of the front intakes, enlarging the side skirts, and adding on a large carbon-fiber wing for the XFR-S. All those aesthetic upgrades aren’t for naught, though – under the hood is a supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 making 550 hp and 502 lb-ft of torque. Power is sent through a new eight-speed automatic transmission to the rear wheels, which are, along with the fronts, new lightweight 20-inch alloy units shod in 265/35R20 Pirelli rubber in the front and 295/30R20 in back.

However, the numbers only tell part of the story – it’s how much of an aural delight the 5.0-liter is that makes the engine so fantastic. While we could make a pretty good guess at what the XFR-S’ V-8 would sound like, since it’s the same as the one found in the XKR-S, Jaguar has now given us a 110-second listen to the hottest XF’s eight-cylinder.

The video below features the XFR-S being slung around twisty mountain roads roaring at wide-open throttle, crackling and cackling through downshifts, and nearing the rev limiter in some smoky, tail-happy drifting. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the 2014 Jaguar XFR-S below; we highly recommend you watch this clip more than once.

Source: YouTube

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