Feature Flick: How to Sneak Into Parking Lot, Avoid Valet, Total Car

Paying for parking is always a drag, which is what the driver in this video may have been thinking before he miraculously barrel-rolled his car into the back of a parking lot.

At first, all is calm in the parking lot, which luckily isn’t jam-packed, because then, things could’ve gone really sour. Available are three adjacent parking spots, which are quickly snatched up by one of those jerks who take up more space than is needed. But this isn’t just like any other inconsiderate parking job – this guy tumbles and somersaults his car over a wall, landing upright into two parking spots. Ta-da! Like a glove! (think Ace Ventura).

Amazingly, the driver gets out looking like he’s unhurt and even manages to walk around to the front of the car to assess the damage. We’re pretty sure it’s anything but minor, and we hope he plans on leaving a note on the car the he slightly landed up against. Either way, this is probably going to cost him a lot more than it would have for valet parking.

Source: YouTube

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