Feature Flick: How To Get Ticketed In Japan With A Ferrari 458 Italia

Watch most any car commercial and you’ll see something along the lines of professional driver, closed course, do not attempt. For better or worse, we’ve found video of a man (and a Ferrari 458 Italia) in Japan who is/does none of these things.

The video in question shows a faceless driver opening up his Ferrari 458 Italia on the streets of Japan. It caused quite a stir when the driver was unmasked as a doctor from the Fukuoka Prefecture, and it was found that he didn’t exactly go the speed limit. He now stands accused of going 124 kilometers an hour in a 40 zone–77 mph in a 25–among other things. The penalty? $1200 isn’t much to a man who can afford to own a 458 Italia, but he also faces up to a year in prison.

While we always get a kick out of watching a 562-horsepower thoroughbred do what it does best–go fast–we generally prefer our all-out Ferraris on the track, away from oncoming traffic, speed cameras, and the potential for reckless driving charges. Legalities aside, however, this video should be good for a giggle or two.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.

Source: YouTube, Mainichi Daily News

Click here for video