Feature Flick: Hot Rod Celebrates its 65th Anniversary with Homecoming 2013

America’s love affair with the car goes back many years, and few publications are a better example of this than Hot Rod magazine. With a history that goes back to just after World War II, Hot Rod has featured hundreds, if not thousands of custom performance cars over the years. But rather than just sit back and wistfully recall its past glories, Hot Rod keeps its readers and fans actively involved with multiple events throughout the year.

To celebrate its 65th in grand fashion, Hot Rod gathered more than 300 cover and feature cars dating back to the magazine’s founding in 1948 at the Pomona Fairplex outside of Los Angeles. In addition to the amazing collection of historic cars, performance and custom community celebrities such as TV Tommy Ivo, Roland Leong, George Barris, and Gale Banks were part of the event, among many others. Co-sponsors Chevrolet Performance and Edelbrock showed their support for the hot rodding hobby past and future.

Some of the cars have changed since they originally appeared in the magazine, whereas others are exactly the same, or showing the effects of the passing of decades. With many cars built and featured before they were born, the younger members of the Hot Rod staff showed reverence for the living history displayed at the show, giving them a new appreciation of the heritage of the magazine.

Take a look at some of the unbelievable one-off customs over the past six decades of Hot Rod history! Hot Rod Unlimited appears every other Friday on the Motor Trend channel.

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