Feature Flick: Honda Owner Aiming for 1 Million Miles

With the constant fluctuation of fuel prices many of us try reduce the miles we drive by consolidating our trips or car-pooling. But for many who drive for a living, this isn’t possible. “Joe” of Norway, Maine has been driving for work for almost 15 years and has racked up a ton of miles on his car — that’s right, Joe has been using the same car since the mid-1990s.

Joe bought his 1990 Honda Accord in 1996 with just 74,000 miles on the clock – average mileage for its age. While most people put between 12,000 and 15,000 mile a year on their cars Joe, working as a claims adjuster for nearly 15 years, puts about four times that on his car. Joe averages 62,500 miles a year and his Accord currently has more than 980,000 miles and climbing.

“Joe’s journey is a testament to his Honda’s reliability and how people have come to count on Honda for more than 50 years to get them to where they need to go,” said Tom Peyton, Honda brand manager for American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Whether this feat can be attributed to Honda’s reputation for reliability or Joe’s meticulous care of his Accord (knowledge he gained from his previous career as an auto technician), or a combination of both, Joe can back up his claim with the 661 pictures he has taken of his odometer. At 300,000 miles he decided to make detailed records of the Accord’s journeys, filling at least 15 notebooks.

Joe says at times he feels like a “human ping- pong ball crossing the state” of Maine, which doesn’t leave him much time for anything else. Sharon, Joe’s wife of 33 years, declined to comment and he alluded that there may be a “jealousy or rivalry between my car and my wife.”

This summer Honda’s Facebook page is following Joe and his Accord as the pair aim to reach an even 1 million miles, which they expect to hit in September this year.

Source: Honda

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