Feature Flick: Head of Toyota Design Talks GT 86 Styling, 2000GT Influences

We’ve talked before about the similarities between the Toyota 2000GT and the GT 86 (also known as the Toyota 86, Scion FR-S, and Subaru BRZ), but in this series of videos, Toyota Design Division general manager Akihiro “Dezi” Nagaya goes into more detail about the car’s styling influences. Shot at the Geneva Motor Show, the videos provide a styling tour of the car, and explain the reasons behind some of its design elements.

Beginning with a design comparison to the 2000GT, Nagaya walks us through the similarities between the two cars. One element the designers of the jointly engineered sports car wanted to carry over from the 2000GT was the long axle-to-dash proportion. Along with that characteristic styling cue, the 2000GT also lent its sporty Daylight Opening (DLO) line to the GT 86, which can be seen in the similarly-shaped rear quarter window. Nagaya says the GT 86 also inherited elements of the 2000GT’s T-shaped front grille, which inspired the design of the mesh pattern used in the front valance opening.

Moving on to the GT86’s interior, Nagaya says the primary goal in styling the cabin was function over form. The GT86 design team collaborated with drivers to find the optimum layout of the cockpit and, having sat in the car, we can say they did a pretty good job. Finally, Nagaya talks about the front quarter panel and its 86 logo. As we’ve mentioned previously, the Toyobaru was designed with customization in mind. Nagaya says the piece jutting out from the A-pillar on the front quarter panel was meant for tuners to have options for installing custom cooling ducts or air extractors. You’re probably already aware of the car’s clever opposed-piston badge, but Nagaya points out another element hidden in the GT86’s logo. Check out the videos to find out what it is.

Source: YouTube

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