Feature Flick: Ford Takes Gymkhana Videos to Logical Extreme with Snowkhana One

We’ve already seen Gymkhana and viral video superstar Ken Block take his Ford Fiesta HFHV through all sorts of terrain and put it in all sorts of situations, but it looks like Ford has finally taken the Gymkhana concept to its logical extreme by taking away Block’s Fiesta’s engine and transmission. Yes, today’s Feature Flick is a stop-motion film featuring a Hot Wheels Fiesta HFHV, festively dubbed “Snowkhana One.”
Ford says that the film, which spans just under two minutes, is an epic film that makes use of…whatever toys and materials were found in the filmmaker’s garage. While Block spun his HFHV around a man in a gorilla suit, the (fake) Fiesta rally car in Snowkhana One battles against sasquatch and what appears to be the police car from “Cars.”
If watching Hot Wheels cars slide in 24 frames-per-second stop motion is too much for you, DC Shoes brought the Gymkhana concept back to reality with a ten-minute behind-the-scenes look at Gymkhana Five, the epic and viral video shot in San Francisco with Ken Block and a Fiesta with–get this–an engine and transmission. Weirdly enough, the crazy Gymkhana Five video is the more realistic of these two clips.
Check out both videos below and let us know what you think in the comments.
Source: YouTube
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Click here for video