Feature Flick: Ferrari 458 Italia Controls Explained

In our First Drive of the Ferrari 458 Italia, we reported the level of performance and driving pleasure in the 458 Italia is nothing short of extraordinary. The steering is exceedingly well tuned. Perfectly weighted. Perfectly precise. Perfectly communicative.

Experience what lucky drivers and what FIA GT Champion Justin Bell says is truly one of the best cars ever made, performance-wise. This video allows you to slip into the cockpit of the Ferrari 458 Italia and get a closer look at its fully reworked cabin and at what Ferrari calls a “revolutionary ergonomic interface.”

A multifunction steering wheel serves as a centerpiece of all the electronic driver controls, featuring a five-position menu of options selected by the company’s steering-wheel-mounted mannetino (little lever), allowing for switching into different modes: the low-traction one in slippery conditions; Sport for everyday driving; and Race when you’re feeling a bit randy. The final two manettino positions, CT-off and CST-off, are best reserved for track use. You can also control the volume of your favorite track while you switch gears with the 458’ gizmo-laden tiller.

What do you think of the 458’s steering wheel design? Is it an ergonomic and functional tour de force, or yet another example of technological overkill and complexity?

Source: Youtube

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