Feature Flick: Escape From L.A. With A Lotus Evora

It’s funny: Los Angeles is packed full of exotic and lustworthy sports cars, but its crowded city streets and clogged freeways aren’t exactly conducive for actually exercising that sort of machinery. Motor Trend took a page from Snake Plissken: when presented with the opportunity to try out the new Lotus Evora S, they escaped from L.A., opting instead to wring the nimble sports car through the Rocky Mountains.

MT picked up a bright blue Lotus Evora S in Seattle – but instead of running it directly back to the offices in sunny Los Angeles, executive editor Ron Kiino headed to Missoula, Montana, before turning south. The trip, which roughly followed the outline of the Continental Divide, ran through Jackson Hole, Montana; Silverton, Colorado – and, apparently, quite a bit of wet snow.

The trip added roughly 2800 miles to the Evora’s odometer, but it also resulted in one Epic Drive – all of which you can watch in the video below.

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