Feature Flick: Dodge Charger Commercial Belittles Our Robotic Future

Dodge wants to position the 2011 Charger as a more exciting, aggressive car suited for people who enjoy the act of driving — rather than those who’d rather sit back and let, say, a computer drive. To that end, a new commercial from Dodge called “The Future of Driving” aims to highlight the Charger’s appeal to car enthusiasts.
The advertisement follows a protagonist living in a future world where everything is administered by computers and robots — they dress him, feed him, walk dogs, and open doors. Yet when our hero discovers a robot has been installed in the driver’s seat of his car, he can’t stand the idea of giving up control of his car to a machine. We won’t ruin the surprise, but suffice it to say the robot and human don’t become buddies.
Dodge’s ad asserts that humans will never let robots take over the joy of driving, and claims the Charger is “leader of the human resistance.”We’re not convinced the Dodge is an anti-robot-takeover tool — ironically, it’s only available with a transmission that shifts itself — but the sporty driving scenes and slick commercial might sway some potential customers.
Source: YouTube
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