Feature Flick: Creating Sounds of the Future for the Audi R8 e-Tron

Enthusiasts generally fall into two camps when it comes to electric cars. Some are enthusiastic about the prospect of a petroleum-free future, whereas others see them as the first steps in a soul-less, Big Brother-mandated future where all subjective fun is sucked out of our cars in the name of efficiency and safety. But Audi’s acoustic engineers are at least attempting to make electric cars sound more interesting, if nothing else.

Acoustics engineer, Rudolf Halbmeir, using electronic audio samples and an electronic throttle pedal, tests and modifies different sounds to come up with one that sounded futuristic, yet suitably sporty to project the R8 e-Tron’s exotic, high-performance character.

Such an endeavor may sound like an easy project, but according to Dr. Ralf Kunkel, the process was more than three years in the making, since there are no off-the-shelf components specifically made for exterior automotive sound simulation.

What are your thoughts on simulated electronic sounds for electric cars? An interesting added unique element to electric cars, or contrived fakery to take drivers’ minds off  the fact they’re piloting an appliance?

Source: YouTube

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