Feature Flick: Commute Through Your Office With The Zagato Volpe

One of BBC Top Gear‘s greatest stunts involved driving the Peel P50, the world’s smallest production car, through BBC Television Studios in west London. When it came time for coachmaker Zagato to drum up some attention for the latest version of its Volpe electric microcar, it obviously didn’t want to mess with success, and so it drove the Volpe right through the studios of Sky TV.

Today’s feature flick stars the new Volpe, an extended range electric minicar, driving right through the doors of the Sky television studio complex in Milan, Italy. It then heads through one of the broadcast studios and into one of the production offices. While it does seem odd to drive a car through an office building, it is completely possible. After all, the Volpe is just a shade over 7 feet long, and only 3.3 feet wide.

The car can allegedly travel 43.5 miles on electric power, but an available range extender engine that runs on natural gas or petroleum and provides an additional 193 miles of range. Its party piece (of which there are two): butterfly doors that open vertically, which makes parking easier. In full Smart ForTwo fashion, it is possible to perpendicular park the car at the curb.

Although this variation of the Zagato Volpe appears to be new, the Volpe itself isn’t a brand-new in partnership with former Bugatti owner Romano Artioli, Zagato has shown concepts for the ultra-small car since 2005, but the design has apparently evolved to the point of mass production. If all goes according to plan, the car should go on sale in Italy early next year, and run buyers around $8900.

Source: Zagato via YouTube

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