Feature Flick: Classic, Contemporary Porsche 911s Compared by Justin Bell and Magnus Walker

Few car models have been in continuous series production for more than 40 years. One of them is the Porsche 911. Certainly, in the successive decades since its introduction, many things have changed on the 911. But the basic configuration is unchanged, the classic formula of a rear-mounted flat-six. Sure, the newer model is water-cooled, and much more technologically advanced and luxurious, but the soul and purpose of the 911 remains as always.

Clothing entrepreneur and avid classic Porsche collector Magnus Walker met up with Justin Bell to do some back-to-back drives of older and newer 911s, and see if the two cars are truly kindred spirits. First up, Walker takes Bell out in his 1971 911. The car has the unmistakable 911 handling characteristics of tail-out oversteer, and that signature flat-six engine note.

Next, Bell takes Walker for a ride in the 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, and gloats in the modern-day car’s air conditioning and PDK paddle-shifter gearbox. Although much plusher and higher-tech than its ancestor, the new model still had that familiar 911 feel, and recognizable flat-six exhaust note. Did Walker, the old-school Porsche 911 devotee, approve? Watch the video below to find out.

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