Feature Flick: Chevrolet Sonic RS Does Skateboard Tricks

With the Chevrolet Sonic being marketed to a young crowd, the subcompact hatch has attempted several extreme stunts – and this Feature Flick is no different. Rapper Theophilus London uses a Sonic RS hatchback like a skateboard on his way to pick up some milk.

In the video, London does 180s, rail slides, and ollies in the Sonic RS. He even finds a quarter pipe ramp. We first saw a preview of this video in Chevrolet’s Find New Roads ad campaign video. Chevrolet has performed other extreme stunts in the Sonic hatchback before including, bungee jumping in California, skydiving, and a kickflip by Rob Dyrdek.

While stunt doubles and CGI stepped in for London in the videohis own track “All Around the World” is used for the background song. Check out the video below of the Sonic RS hatchback doing skateboard tricks.

Source: Chevrolet via YouTube

Click here for video