Feature Flick: Chevrolet Sonic Goes Bungee Jumping in California

Apparently believing regular commercials and ad copy are too tame to help market the 2012 Sonic, Chevrolet has dished up a variety of viral videos to show off the new car. After a clip showing the Sonic being dropped out of an airplane, Chevrolet has revealed this video of its new small car going bungee jumping.

The Chevrolet Sonic was placed atop a makeshift, 100-foot tower in Long Beach, California, with an Internet-linked mechanism slowly pushing the car ever-closer to the tower’s edge. Visitors to Chevrolet’s website could click a button to nudge the Sonic toward the edge. After 2.4 million clicks, the Sonic tumbled off the tower — fortunately attached to a tough bungee cord that allowed the hatchback to avoid performing an informal crash test.

Will stunts like this convince you to buy a Chevrolet Sonic? Either way, Chevrolet is planning more such viral marketing for the car. Check out the bungee-jumping action in the video below.

Source: YouTube

Click here for video

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