Feature Flick: How Not To Do Donuts in A Bugatti Veyron

Getting into a fender bender is a crappy situation, especially when it’s your fault. You curse yourself over and over again for making such a dumb mistake. This Bugatti Veyron driver knows that feeling, a million times-fold.

Although the announcer in the video is speaking another language, we can clearly sense how he and the crowd react when the unlucky, er unintelligible, driver of the supercar spins out and crashes into a barrier in a sad (and failed) attempt to do a donut. First, you hear the excitement in the announcer’s voice, as the driver starts to rev the Veyron and start the rotation, but as soon as the car starts to back off the track into the grass, he raises his voice in anticipation until the rear end of the Veyron slowly crashes into the barrier.

The crowd ooohs, and then starts clapping as the driver shamelessly opens the door, while another announcer snickers. Lucky for the driver, the video cuts out before he fully exits the car, but we’re assuming he probably walked away looking like a dog with its tail in between its legs. But seriously, at 1000 hp, did he think he had enough space?

Source: YouTube

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