Feature Flick: Bentley Continental GT Takes “Practical” Helicopter Ride in Munich

To introduce the new Bentley Continental GT, now equipped with a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8, the British luxury marque decided to host a VIP reception for 300 guests in Munich, Germany. The only problem: the reception was to take place in the SkyLounge, located 14 stories above ground level in Munich. The solution was to use a helicopter to lift the luxurious Continental GT to the SkyLounge.

As this short video shows, the red Bentley swayed back and forth beneath a helicopter as it was lifted above rush-hour traffic in Munich. We’re not sure why the car’s hazard lights are flashing during the procedure, but it may be some sort of safety requirement or precaution. Either way, the helicopter lift must have made a thrilling spectacle for the commuters below.

The high-flying stunt was organized by Bentley Munich general manager Klaus Becker, who proclaimed in a statement that, “A dramatic car got the debut we felt it deserved, and we took a little bit of our inspiration from Bentley’s iconic ‘Winged B’ emblem.”

However, Becker conceded that there was another, less glamorous reason for the dramatic show: “On a practical level, the helicopter was the fastest way to get to the rooftop podium.”

Watch the Bentley Continental GT ascend to the top of the Munich skyscraper in the video below.

Source: YouTube

Click here for video

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