Feature Flick: Battery-Powered Toyota Breaks EV Record at the Nurburgring

/strong>Just when we thought Toyota would be out of the headlines for awhile after last week’s hoopla over the 2012 Camry, it throws this on us – a record-breaking lap time at the Nurburgring. Toyota Motorsports GmbH (TMG) recently lapped its EV P001 racecar around the ‘Ring and achieved a lap time of 7:47.8 seconds, setting the current record for a battery-powered electric car. The previous record was 9:1.3.

The TMG EV P001’s sub-eight minute time ain’t bad regardless of what is powering the car – A Chevy Corvette ZR1 recently lapped the Green Hell in 7:19.4 seconds and the current 6:48 record was set by a Radical SR8LM racecar.

Driver Jochen Krumbach piloted the EV P001, which has a top speed of 162 mph and is powered by two electric motors that produce a combined 590lb-ft of torque. As you’ll see from the following video, the only sounds emitted from the EV P001 are the high-strung mechanical whine from the electric motors and screeching tires.

Toyota’s EV is the latest battery-powered racer to catch our attention. A few months ago Nissan showed off its Leaf Nismo RC, which is a shorter, lighter, and faster version of its road-going Leaf EV. Nissan has hinted its willingness to race its Leaf Nismo in a green motorsports series, and it may have just found its first opponent in the TMG EV P001.

Source: Toyota Motorsports GMbH, Toyota Europe

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