Feature Flick: Bask in the Sight and Sound of the Aston Martin Vanquish


When you think of gorgeous hips being photographed in the Tuscan countryside of Italy, you probably don’t think of a British supermodel. But Aston Martin thinks you should, and it took the all-new Vanquish to Tuscany for a photo and video shoot that will tantalize both your auditory and visual senses.

Before heading to the idyllic hills of Tuscany, Aston swung by the ancient city of Padua, in the north of Italy, to snap some absolutely stunning photographs of the Vaquish. The photo team utilized the narrow streets, brightly-lit arcades, and historic piazze to capture the beauty of the new supercar from every angle.

After departing Padua, Aston headed to the central region of Tuscany to wring the Vanquish out on the winding ribbons of roads that traverse the hillsides. Like an soprano performing at La Scala in Milan (we know, we know; that’s in Lombardia, not Tuscany), the Vanquish’s 5.9-liter V-12 sang out glorious notes that reverberate across the countryside. Clearly, the Tuscan twisties are no match for the Aston’s 565 hp and 457 lb-ft.

In case you were wondering, this mastery in British engineering will cost you a cool $280,000. Check out the video of the Vanquish in motion below, along with two behind-the-scenes clips of the photoshoots.

Source: Aston Martin, YouTube

Vanquish in Motion

Click here for video

Behind the Scenes in Padua

Click here for video

Behind the Scenes in Tuscany

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