Feature Flick: Baby Lets Inner-Italian Out in New Fiat 500 Commercial

Babies are usually cute and cuddly, but the baby featured in the new Fiat 500 commercial has some attitude, as one unsuspecting old man finds out.

A girls’ night out means that one man is stuck baby-sitting for the day while he hangs out with his buddy who drives a Fiat 500. The two are in a hurry, and the driver effortlessly weaves in and out of traffic in the diminutive hatch until they get stuck behind a boat of a car. They slow to under 20 mph as the two friends wonder why the older man in the car ahead is driving so slow.

Once they pass him and come to a stop, the older man looks over and stares down the Fiat 500, giving the baby in the back seat the stink eye. But it appears he messed with the wrong baby, as the kid can’t help but let his inner-Italian out by asking the man, “What are you looking at?” Although the older man is caught off guard, he should be happy it wasn’t the sultry model from the Fiat Abarth commercial in the car, sparing him a slap in the face to go along with  “Che cosa guardi?”

Source: YouTube

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