Feature Flick: Audi Celebrates Automotive Passion

New ads toy with our love of cars.

It’s not uncommon for automakers to roll out special commercials around their summer sales events. For this year’s “Summer of Audi” campaign, the German automaker has crafted two new ads that pull on our heartstrings about being car enthusiasts.

The first ad, “Obsessed,” will be a familiar situation to any car lover. The 31-second ad opens on a kid playing with Legos to craft his own toy car and his mother wondering aloud to her husband “Honey, is he too into this car thing?” His reply? “Definitely a Quattro.” Her husband, it turns out, is doing just the same as their son – building his own dream car, but instead of using Legos, he’s using his iPad to design a 2013 Audi A5 Cabriolet. The son’s obsession with crafting his perfect car comes straight from his father, who, in a typical distracted tone, responds to his wife with “A-A5. What? Did you say something?” With that, the video fades out and Audi reminds us that there are “240 million ways to engineer your obsession.”

The other commercial is called “Farewell” and centers around two kids saying goodbye after a summer away at camp. Before the boy gets picked up by a silver 2013 Audi A6, he and his friend exchange gifts – she hands him a homemade bracelet woven out of red yarn, he passes her a small wooden log. It turns out that the log is actually a small box in which there’s an intricately carved picture of two birds and a detailed bracelet sitting on a bed of moss. Cut to the overlay: “Quality. It’s our obsession, too.”

Check out both commercials below.

Source: YouTube


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