Feature Flick: 2011 Audi A7 Rendered in Paper

We’ve all built model cars, but they were usually the plastic or metal variety. To mix things up and generate more interest in the 2011 A7, Audi of America commissioned an artist to build an Audi A7 entirely out of paper.

Known for his elaborately detailed paper models, graphic designer, Taras Lesko, printed 285 pages of card stock in order to bring the A7 to life. Contained in those pages were 750 laser-printed parts, each digitally rendered by Lesko beforehand.  In the video, Lesko makes piecing the Audi together look like child’s play, but the project actually took a total of 245 hours to complete.

Since most people would probably lose their mind sitting through a 245-hour-long video, the footage is time-lapsed and edited to speed up the more tedious parts of the creative process. Cutting, folding and gluing each piece by hand, the artist takes his time putting the wheels together first. As soon as the wheels look almost good enough to be bolted onto a real Audi, he then moves on to forming the A7’s body. Slowly but surely, the A7’s characteristic shape starts to materialize.

Taking just as much care in assembling the interior, Lesko massages the card stock into front and rear seats, a center console and a dashboard. Now it’s just a matter of putting all the pieces together, which the artist seems to do with relative ease. The finished product looks pretty close to the real thing. Although they detract from the model’s realism, the angular folds lend to its coolness factor, since they let you know the model has been constructed by hand. Turning 750 two-dimensional parts into one authentic-looking three-dimensional object earns you some serious respect in our book, so if you’ve got an eye for design, a surplus of card stock and a lot of extra time on your hands, you try building your own paper Audi.

We have to wonder though: did Audi pay him in dollars or with a brand-new A7? If it were us, we’d take the latter.

Source: YouTube

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