Feature Flick: AMG Performance Driving School Shares the Basics

Of all the driving schools established in the world, the AMG Driving Academy may be one of the most well-known, thanks in part to its fleet of insanely fast AMG cars. But with a price range of $1595 to $3695, it’s definitely not cheap.

So while you save up your pennies, check out these newly-released (and FREE) videos showcasing basic racing instructions and fundamentals taught at the academy. The tips should be valuable advice for driving novices and more of a review for track veterans — but hey, we could all use a little sprucing up now and then.

Tommy Kendall, a four-time Trans-Am champion, narrates the videos, which go over seating position (proper bends in the legs and arms), slalom, braking and inducing oversteer and understeer. The importance of smooth-driving, car weight transfer, and managing overall tire contact patch are constantly repeated in all the videos.


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The Basics:

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Source: Mercedes-Benz, YouTube

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