Feature Flick: AC Cobra Buffs Hardwood Floors With Burnt Rubber

Kids at school play indoors on rainy days, and the German driver in the video below follows in similar fashion by playing indoors with his AC Cobra.

Prepare to get dizzy and hear the AC Cobra in the video below screech and slither its way around in circles indoors. The driver seems to have had plenty of practice as he controls the roadster to do 2-mph donuts around a pillar, leaving rings of black skid marks on nicely polished hardwood floors.

One bad move and the Cobra could end up taking the pillar out or crashing into the wall in this tight indoor space, and he comes awfully close but keeps in control. We’re hoping this is a garage and not his living room, because then he may have more serious problems to deal with than ruined hardwood floors when his wife comes home.

Source: YouTube

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