Feature Flick: A Look Inside the Mercedes Classic Center on This Week’s Downshift

The latest episode of The Downshift features the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center. Located in Fellbach, Germany, the Mercedes Classic Center is a museum, garage, and even dealership for classic Mercedes-Benz models.

As you may recall from an earlier Wide Open Throttle episode, Mercedes-Benz also runs a Classic Center in the United States, located in Irvine, Calif. The German Classic Center though, is the original. This week’s tour of the German Mercedes Classic Center takes us through the center’s museum and garage where Mercedes painstakingly restores its classics. We then see some of the rarest Mercedes models ever built, like the 300 SLR racecar, pre-war Silver Arrow racecar, and the oldest existing gullwing SL, which was the second model to roll off the line.

Check out the brief drive of that car and the rest of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in the newest episode of The Downshift below.

Click here for video

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