Feature Flick: 2012 Toyota Yaris Unboxed!

Researching a new high-tech toy on the Internet will likely land you at a blog with an “unboxing” video of said product.We just never thought we’d see such a video crafted, albeit humorously, in regards to the 2012 Toyota Yaris.


For those unfamiliar with unboxing, the process is fairly simple: a tech enthusiast usually provides a short intro on the device, opens the box, shows off the accessories and manual, peels off any protective film, and powers up the device. Former Gizmodo editor Adam Frucci does the same with the Yaris, which in this instance, is complete with an oversized manual and giant-sized silica pack.

How cute. We’re just glad we don’t have to remove a six-pound bag of desiccant every time we pick up a new car…

Source: YouTube

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