Feature Flick: 2011 Nissan 370Z Squares Off Against A Chicken?

Nissan is up to its wacky ad tricks once again. Earlier this year it pit a 2011 Juke against Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Amber in a series of “Model vs. Model” tests; now the carmaker’s British arm has put a 2011 370Z in quite an interesting race.
The video opens in a dingy, underground space, with a rough-looking man giving a pep talk in Spanish. Pepe, we learn, is from a long line of racers and is best in the corners; that is, Pepe is a racing chicken. The scene builds as the pep talk is finished and crowds cheer from behind chain-link fence, ready to cheer on what we can only assume will be some kind of illegal cockfight. Instead, Pepe is lined up against a white 370Z, and the two take off.
We’ve heard of games of vehicular chicken before, but this spot takes the play on words to a new extreme. Who wins? Well, you’ll have to watch the flick below, but do keep in mind what the disclaimer advises: “trying to recreate anything would be dumb. So please don’t.”
Source: YouTube
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