Eisenmann Adds Carbon Fiber, Sound, and Price to Audi R8

The German Eisenmann firm may generally stick to building custom exhaust systems for high-end supercars, but the company apparently is looking into other opportunities within the world of aftermarket tuning. Eisenmann’s future, it seems, is tied not to plastics but carbon fiber — especially incorporating the composite material into aftermarket add-ons for the Audi R8.

The entire package, which Eisenmann bills as the Spark Eight, is designed to infuse the already stunning R8 with a little extra style and performance. The package incorporates several new body parts, all of which are crafted from carbon fiber. According to the firm, the package, which incorporates a new front grille, brake cooling chambers, front splitter, rear spoiler, and a rear diffuser, “improves driving dynamics and load distribution.”

That claim may be up for debate, but it certainly costs buyers a considerable chunk of change — this five-piece kit carries a sticker price of $27,154, although parts are available a la carte. Also available is a suspension tuning kit (Eisenmann fails to elaborate any further) for $5372, while a set of new 19-inch wheels and tires adds $10,186 to the pricetag.

Of course, what would an Eisenmann custom car be without an Eisenmann custom exhaust? A custom single-tip, center-exit exhaust system runs $6419, although ticking this box also forces the installation of Eisenmann’s customized rear bumper and diffuser, adding an extra $12,000 to the installation. Neat, but those not prepared to completely overhaul the R8’s hind quarters may opt instead for a $5302 quad-tip exhaust system, which features the same electronic muffler bypass valves as the single-tip design.

Interested? You’re in luck — Eisenmann has a North American distributor based out of Illinois and according to its website, the firm is currently accepting order for Spark Eight parts.

Source: Eisenmann


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