Read Jason Cammisa’s comments on driving the 2009 Scion xB.

On the plus side, the xB’s looks are growing on me. And the 2.4-liter is a torque monster down low, making the big anime trucklet feel a lot faster than it is. On the bad side, though, I cannot stand the center-mounted gauges. And whoever decided to tilt the tachometer so that redline is pointing to 5:00, could you please send me an explanation? The back seat is huge – but I can’t imagine ordering an xB with LCD screens in the headrests, as this one had. I mean, really – they’re trashy enough in an Escalade, but here?

The touch-screen stereo is awful – both in its sound and its usability. It looks like an afterthought, and the motorized face that buzzes into position every time you start the car is both unnecessary and annoying. Toyota should put an easily usable radio in the thing and let the aftermarket choose their own stereos.