EDITORS NOTEBOOK: 2008 Toyota Sequoia, Day 2

Read David Gluckman’s comments on driving the 2008 Toyota Sequoia.

The Sequoia is cavernous inside. It’s like a drive-through tree that you actually drive. The abundance of room hurts ergonomics, though; I had to lean over to adjust the knob on the right of the stereo. There are, however, provisions to use the center console as a file cabinet. No kidding.

Seating is comfortable up front and I was able to fit myself in the third row, finding a comfortable position with the power reclining seatbacks. (All this test tells us is that kids won’t be cramped in the back. I’m, let’s say, vertically challenged.) The rear seats also have power fold which came in handy when I loaded up some new patio furniture last night. The interior plastics are a lot more truck than Toyota.

I don’t care for the way the Tundra looks, and I feel the same about this Sequoia. Its bloated design makes it appear much larger than anything else in its class.