EDITORS NOTEBOOK: 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan, Day 2

Read Marc Noordeloos’s comments on driving the 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan.

Overall, I agree with Sam’s points. Unloaded, the Dodge Caravan is very refined, smooth, and quiet cruising down the highway at 80 mpg. I made an airport run to pick up a family of four including all their gear (they’re moving to the USA from England). The Caravan handled all with ease. I found the power 3rd row seats a bit slow and unnecessary but the satellite TV sure was nice when I was waiting for the flight to land. Loaded up, the Dodge swayed around more than I would like but it’s not bad.

I too find the plastics bad and it bugs me how easy it is to squeal the tires from a stop. It feels like the Dodge has no front grip under acceleration. It will be interesting to see how well our long-term Chrysler version handles the snow of next winter.


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