EDITORS NOTEBOOK: 2007 Audi S8, Day 3

Read Rusty Blackwell’s comments on driving the 2007 Audi S8.

When I drive the jet black Audi S8, I feel like I should wear a tuxedo to match the natty car. Inside, the smart styling continues, but I have a hard time seeing past the gorgeous, funky speakers. They sound great, too; listening to game two of the World Series last night, I felt like broadcaster Joe Morgan was sitting in the car next to me. Half the time, though, I’d rather just listen to the song of the high-revving V-10, which definitely makes for a superquick supersedan. It’d be nice, though, if the S8 could equal the ride/handling balance of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class family, whose base S550 costs much less and is nearly as quick, arguably as nice, and less thirsty. For this money, I’d rather have a Maserati Quattroporte.


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2017 Audi S8

Fair Market Price $124,102 Base Sedan
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605 @ 0


553 @ 0

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