eBay Motors App Launched for iPhone

The folks at eBay have released an iPhone app for eBay Motors, allowing users to browse, buy or sell cars and accessories on the go. Downloaded 5900 times last Thursday, the free download was selected as the featured app in Apple’s app store. On top of integrating all the online auction listings and features of the website, the mobile version boasts some unique features that many auto aficionados might enjoy.

Using scanning technology from RedLaser, eBay’s own mobile barcode reader, the app can scan a VIN number and upload all of the information encoded in that arcane string of numbers and letters. Once scanned, a vehicle can be added to the app’s “MyGarage” feature, which acts as a virtual space for users to keep track of the cars they currently own or are looking to sell. In addition, users can add cars they would eventually like to own, much like how you’d add something to your cart or wish list on any other online shopping site. Another feature the app offers is the “Part Finder” function, which can search for parts and accessories that fit the cars in your virtual garage.

The success of the regular eBay app for iPhone lead to the creation of a separate app for the Motors section, as sales of automotive items accounted for a good percentage of that app’s usage. “Motors purchases are already very popular on the main eBay Mobile apps with 90,000 parts and accessories and 2000 cars purchased per week globally,” said Vice President of eBay’s mobile division Steve Yankovich. Mobile sales of cars and other automotive goods have also increased since last year, according to eBay’s data, which is likely another reason for the app’s creation. Sales of vehicles in the first quarter of 2011 were up 110 percent from the same period last year, while parts and accessories sales increased by 250 percent. There have even been some big-ticket purchases with the mobile app, including the sale of a Porsche Carrera GT for $369,000.

If you’re the type that constantly checks eBay Motors to see if your dream car has dropped into your price range, or would just like to play fantasy garage, then this app is probably for you.

Source: eBay