It’s On eBay: Dealers Offering New Volts for More Than MSRP

With the launch of the Chevrolet Volt, this isn’t the first time a dealer is demanding a “market adjustment” fee above the MSRP and it probably won’t be the last time, either.

A couple auctions of the new Chevrolet Volt have appeared on eBay Motors, including one from a dealer in Southern California and another in Michigan.

General Motors is trying to prevent dealer markups on the Volt, but as GM’s Tony DiSalle told Ward’s Auto, “there isn’t a mechanism to prevent that from happening.”

Currently, the Buy It Now listing from the dealer in Michigan is priced at $46,923, while the California dealer has Volts starting at $47,700 for the Buy It Now price. We’ve done some sleuthing of our own beyond eBay and found prices even higher. A dealer in North Carolina says it bought a Volt from a Maryland dealer and is now listing the car at $49,000. If that’s not high enough, a dealer in Florida has a Volt that’s listed at $65,590.

Before rebates and a potential government tax credit, the Volt starts at $41,000 and offers a few thousand dollars-worth of options like leather seats and a rear camera and park assist package.

The controversial Volt is serving as a high-profile halo car for Chevrolet. Dealers listing the cars on eBay could raise more awareness about the car, though it’s not clear if the end result is more positive than negative. What do you think: Would you pay above the sticker price for a 2011 Chevrolet Volt?

Source: Ward’s Auto (NOTE: non-eBay prices are from an Automobile search of dealer listings)

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